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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Our Story

Before founding Data Speaks, I spent 20 years leading analytics teams for several brands. 

One day, I realized that my teams were spending more time wrangling data than analyzing it and making recommendations.

I asked myself, “what if we could automate data collection and clean-up, and spend our time actually analyzing the data and acting on it?”

That question inspired me to assemble a team of the best data scientists and engineers in the world to build Data Speaks.

Being a data-driven digital brand these days is ridiculously hard.  You have so much data, and it gets more complex every day. More channels, more devices, and more confusion. Different data sources give you different stories.

Your job is to make the right decisions, but you can’t trust your data and you often feel like you’re shooting in the dark. You’re wasting money but don’t know where. You’re losing customers but don’t know why.

You’re competing with bigger brands with deeper pockets. When you can’t outspend them, you need to outsmart them.

You need to find the hidden profit in your data faster. You need to spot opportunities, find waste, and take action. 

You have an SEO expert, a social media expert, a Facebook Ads expert… Why wouldn’t you have a team of analytics experts to help you ensure the highest possible return on all your marketing investments?

We’re channel-agnostic. We’re not trying to get you to invest more in SEO or ads, so we have no reason to embellish channel performance. Our mission is to give you the intel you need to make the right moves for your brand.

Let’s talk and find out if we’re a good fit. If we are, I’ll explain how we can help you. If we’re not, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction. I want to be a resource to you either way.

Schedule a call to connect. Talk to you soon!

Zeke Camusio
Founder and CEO